Monday, July 21, 2008

Green Dragon

green dragon tattoo
e-concert, originally uploaded by Bruno Costa(Buda).

A sexy girls open her dress to showing a large green dragon body painting on her back during a party.

Black Koi

Koi: after two sessions, originally uploaded by Frenkieb.

Very large body painting on my back showing a black koi fish

Thai Goddess

Airbrushed face painting combined with Thai goddess crown make an amazing art at finals, Sun, Seeboden

Airbrushed Face

Airbrushed body painting on my back waiting for judging

Dream catcher face & Money Demon

2 sexy girls with face body painting with Dream catcher face & Money Demon themes at World Facepainting Award Finals, Seeboden

Angel Wings

Body Painting, originally uploaded by aphneak.

Sexy girls with large angel wings body painting on her back

Rosie Da Vinci brushes

Rosie (Da Vinci brushes) painted her face & neck with black feathers by Bibi for the Body Circus Ball, World Bodypainting Fest, Austria

Chinese Red Dress

sexy body painting
Body Painting - Red Qipao, originally uploaded by hkdigit.

An artist make a body painting of a chinese classic dress on a sexy chinese model

Blue Dragon

body painting
Body Painting 2, originally uploaded by maldwyn2007.

A model painted her back with large dragon & flower in a body panting show

Gold body & face painting

Man & woman painted gold all over their bodies with gold for Champions Challenge tennis launch, Hong Kong

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