Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teri Wyble Body Painting's Top World Model

Teri Wyble for the USA has been named the top model of the World Body Painting Festival 2010.
She really is a great model understanding how to show, pose and "wear" body painting.  In the words of the WBPF "What would be the photo without the expression of the model.  That's why each year we award the "Bodypainting Model of the Year".  The award goes to the model, that expresses and represents the bodypainting artwork the best".

Certainly Teri is doing something right,  in 2009 Teri was the model in the photograph judges gave special recognition to (scroll down to see that image and read about the award of 2009). She has the smile of an angel person, a very sweet person.  I am delighted she has been given this honor.  Here's Teri is in a photograph by Micheal Genswaider and body painting art by Julie Fuselier & Lorie Hamel.

A simply beautiful example of the marriage of arts in body painting - fantastic modeling, great photograph and amazing body painting artwork.
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